BMB-10 +Alkaline +Detox

Self-standing, 6 filter reverse osmosis system that incorporates a pH stabilizer and nano zinc powder activated antibacterial, Alkaline and Detox filters for antitoxin and energizing water properties.

BMB-10 +Alkaline +Detox is a standing, full functioning reverse osmosis system. The system comes with a steel stand for easy installation, pH stabilizer, antibacterial, alkaline and detox filters. The 6 filter system incorporates nano technology filters, easy Plug & Play components and Quick Change Filter Technology (QCFT) for low cost maintenance.

The first and second stage pre-filters are infused with Zinc nanoparticles that activate in water for antibacterial properties. The third stage reverse osmosis filter is composed of a semi-permeable membrane with 0.1 nano-meter sized pores. These pores can remove hundreds of thousands of different types of chemicals and compounds notwithstanding 99.99% of microorganisms. The fourth stage mixes magnesium with purified water on an atomic scale to bind up free hydrogen atoms. This binding process increases the purified water pH with natural minerals to give it a very healthy polish.

The system also includes extra stages to enrich the purified water. The fifth stage alkaline filter uses a special blend of minerals high in nutritional value to naturally increase the water pH. The higher ph water, which will have alkaline properties, can help in fat burning, body acid neutralization, better blood flow. The sixth stage detox filter uses Tourmaline mineral crystals to generate Far Infrared Rays (FIR). As the water passes through the FIR field, some of it will become activated to restructure the water into smaller molecular clusters. The process can ultimately assist in the hydration of the human body.

BMB-10 +Alkaline +Detox is designed for use in residential (for home) drinking water applications. The system is installed under the kitchen counter with a secondary faucet installed on the sink. The system is an economic model which is best utilized in homes with 20-50 liters of daily, purified, drinking water consumption.

  • Designed for residential, under the kitchen counter, home use
  • Standing model / Plug & Play easy installation / Quick Filter Change Technology
  • Economic model / total of 6 filters / small footprint
  • Alkaline Filter for increased pH health benefits
  • Detox Filter for anti-toxin properties
  • Does not require electricity
  • 12 month filter lifetime (all of the filters get changed at the same time)
  • Delicious and healthy drinking water

Num. Filter Lifetime Filter Change
1 5 Micron
Antibacterial Sediment
All Filters
15,000 Liters

or 12 Months


comes first

(for nominal inlet
water quality
and conditions)

Single Replacement Kit
Total of 6 Filters

Total Price: 255 €
for two kits
(two years coverage)

Free Shipping to EU
VAT Included to EU

2 1 Micron Antibacterial
Sediment with Coconut
Shell Carbon
3 TFC Reverse
Osmosis Membrane
4 Coconut Shell Carbon
with pH Stabilizer
5 Alkaline Filter
5 Detox Filter
Technical Specifications
System Capacity 5 Liters / Hour @ 3 Bar
Incoming Hardness 35 oF Max.
Incoming TDS 600 PPM Max.
Incoming Temperature 10 - 30 oC
Incoming Pressure 3 Bar Min. 6 Bar Max.
Tank Capacity 12 Liters
System Dimensions 21 (L) x 36 (W) x 51 (H) cm.
Tank Dimensions 23 (L) x 23 (W) x 35 (H) cm.