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The world has been going through a tremendous population and industrial growth over the last 100 years. Although this growth has been responsible for many great things, it has also been responsible for pollution and the dwindling supplies of readily drinkable water.

Currently there is not enough readily drinkable water in our world to supply demand. Additionally, demand is increasing with population growth while readily drinkable water supplies are decreasing with industrial growth.

This scenario has catalyzed the water technology sector into one of the most invested in and fastest growing mega markets in the world. From large industrial systems used to supply cities to small domestic systems for residential use, there are all sorts of water cleaning technologies currently being developed around the globe.

Currently technologies exist that can purify water to levels that most humans have never consumed. Moreover, after the purification process, the water can be detailed with specific raw minerals and other processes to give it health benefits that have never before existed such as: alkalinity, antitoxin, antioxidant and anti-aging.

Technology also exists that can “design” water for specific processes in factories such as decreasing the dye-time for textiles, prolonging mold lifetime in plastic injection and increasing milk production of cows.

We at BMB Technology have developed our own patented technology for purifying water. Additionally we use a library of nano technology enabled parts and techniques to differentiate our products as well as increase their performance/cost ratio. Whether the need is delicious and healthy water in the home and office or process water in a factory, our broad product portfolio has a solution for the need.

We are a growing company and we are always looking for new markets to serve. We offer an excellent product portfolio, modern manufacturing facilities and a well trained staff. Our products are being sold in over 15 countries and we are completing over 150 installations every single day of the year. If you share the same passion about technology, teamwork and water as us, then we would love to hear about your ideas.